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Flower Box - Actual length = 2 Feet (61 cm)

Hydrangea Cultivars from left to right include: Hydrangea macrophylla 'Adria', 'Bottstein', 'Nigra', 'Rotswantz', 'Amethyst', 'Fasan', 'General Vibraye', 'Ayesha', and 'Miss Belgium'.

We have been developing the art of hydrangea miniaturization for the past 5 years, continuously seeking out uniquely pleasing combinations of size, variety, color, and form. Many of the over 500 cultivars of Hydrangea macrophylla (mophead), Hydrangea macrophylla normalis (lacecap), and Hydrangea serrata lend themselves well to this process, yielding charming specimens of rare form and captivating beauty.

Your not likely to find these miniaturized blooming Hydrangea plants anywhere else. These darlings all began their lives on Nantucket, and have been gently persuaded to produce miniature flowers using a variety of cultural techniques, without the use of harsh chemicals or unnatural growth hormones. They will gradually resume normal growth as soon as flowering has finished if transplanted up to a larger sized pot, and can be directly planted into your garden (USDA zones 6b-9) later this season. They will not stay small indefinitely, but can easily be maintained as a diminutive specimen when grown on in a suitable container for years of pleasure and beauty regardless of climate. We also have a true bonsai hydrangeas for those wishing to maintain a permanently small hydrangea (2-3 year old plants in 4" pots). For more information on raising flowering plants, see our cultural info at:

For best results and longevity, keep out of direct sun, avoid temperature extremes, and water frequently. A sheltered spot out of doors will protect from wind and rainstorm damage. They will not tolerate drying out which can happen rather quickly if grown indoors in a hot, dry spot like a window sill. They require very little sun at this stage, and blooms will age with the much sought after greenish tints when kept in partial sun away from a window, in addition to requiring a lot less water. Everything (light, temperature, water, fertilizer) in moderation is a good general rule. Many blooms will remain fresh for over 30 days, and with a little luck, will dry right on the stem if properly cared for, yielding up to 3 months of joy and pleasure.

Up till know, these little guys (6-12" tall) have only been available on Nantucket on a limited basis. We are please to be able to offer them to our other internet friends this year from June through July. They are packaged 4 to a box and will arrive with proper name tags and 4 little green pots. Staking may be required when raised out of doors, or for particularly large blooming specimens. You will receive at least 2 named cultivars, and color preferences will be honored wherever possible... pinks, blues, and reds predominate. Price, to anywhere in the US but the restricted Western States is:

Budded Plants (4-8 weeks to bloom)
$24.00 for 4 - 2.5" plants with pots
$9.00 Insured shipping via USPS Priority
$33.00 Total

For blooming plants, add $2.00 each for a total of $41.00

For 2-3 yr old bonsai, add $10 each for a total of $73.00

You can place an order now by paying the total amount due with credit card by clicking on the link below: (Adding shipping and plant price together, entering only 1 amount.... you do not need a Paypal account),
or by sending a check or Money Order to the the address listed below. Please include your shipping address, items of interest, and phone number with your reply.

Nantucket Hydrangea
PO Box 3402
Nantucket MA 02584

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